Bubble Charms
Bubble Charms
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  • Android IOS
  • 11/2/2022
  • 88 Mb

Bubble Charms is a bubble shooter game where you fire bubbles from a shooter at a growing wall of bubbles. In this game, you’re shooting bubbles at bubbles, and when the colours are similar, the bubbles burst, and the wall reduces.

Bubble Charms is a puzzle game. It is compatible with smartphones and is sure to fit your device’s screen perfectly. Clearing the wall of bubbles leads you to the next stage. You must not let the bubbles from the wall touch your shooter, which ends the game and results in a loss for you.

Playing Bubble Charms

To play Bubble Charms, shoot a bubble at a group of 3 or more bubbles. Your targets must have matching colours, or the shot will mean nothing. The more you aim at dissimilar colours, the closer the bubble wall gets to your shooter.

The left side of the game has a preview bar that shows you the bubble colours that will appear in your shooter. You can check ahead and determine where to shoot. Every level in Bubble Charms has a unique arrangement of bubble charms on the wall.

Getting Started With Bubble Charms

Bubble Charms can be played on a web browser. Therefore, you can use your mobile device or laptop if it has a browser installed.

  • For mobiles, tap and hold your screen to move and shoot.
  • Use the left-click button to aim and release bubbles for desktops or laptops.

Who Developed Bubble Charms?

Bubble Charms was developed by Tingly Games, a Dutch developer, and producer of fun HTML5 games. 


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