Duck Life 2
Duck Life 2
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  • Android IOS
  • 10/21/2022
  • 88 Mb

With over 150 million plays worldwide and over 5 million downloads, Duck Life 2 gives the thrilling experience of coaching a duck in various aspects like swimming, running, flying, and climbing. In addition, players see their ducks compete in tournaments and discover amazing new worlds.

Duck Life 2 works perfectly on iOS and Android devices. In addition, in-app purchases are available for a reasonable price.

Playing Duck Life 2

Duck Life 2 is an addictive game where players are in charge of creating race-skilled ducks. Players teach ducks new skills to spur them to victory in the different mini-games. Here are points to know while playing this game.

  • Players can choose from the five provided locations; Egypt, London, Hawaii, Scotland, and Japan.
  • Players are to feed their ducks with seeds to ensure they have enough stamina to participate in the races and win.
  • Ducks compete in tournaments, and the finalist competes against the champion duck.
  • Players can use earn duck currency to upgrade ducks. For example, one could choose cool accessories like hats for one's duck. Also, there are upgrades for graphics, music, and improved races.

Duck Life 2 is easy to play as it mainly involves swimming, jumping, climbing, and flying. Also, the interesting characters of the ducks make it all the more captivating.

Getting Started with Duck Life 2

  • Download the game through the app store on your Android or iOS device.
  • Log into the game.
  • You can start playing it immediately after downloading it.

Who developed Duck Life 2?

Duck Life 2 was developed by Wix Games. This is a popular company based abroad, and they also created Duck Life 3, Duck Life Adventure, Duck Life, and Duck Life: Battle. 


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