Flags Quiz
Flags Quiz
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  • 11/2/2022

Flags Quiz is a multiplayer game where you need to know something about every country to play successfully. This is because flags represent countries, and if you are playing a flag-themed quiz, you need some general country knowledge.

Flags also have a history. The colours and icons on them have special meanings. For example, the Canadian flag has a maple leaf, which symbolizes unity, and the two red stripes on the flag stand for the two oceans on either side of Canada.

Playing Flags Quiz

The Flags Quiz game consists of a variety of game types and game modes. You can play in any of these seven modes: All Flags of the World, All Flags of Africa, All Flags of Oceania, All Flags of Europe, All Flags of Asia, All Flags of Americas, and All Islands Flags. No country is left untouched.

The overall game subdivisions include a multiplayer game, Find The Flag, Choose A Country, a hangman quiz, and training sessions. The game sharpens your geography skills by helping you remember the flags of all the countries.

Getting Started With Flags Quiz

Flags Quiz supports a fair number of languages. This list includes Italian and French. Portuguese, Spanish, English, and Romanian. The app requires an Android device running on Android 5.1 or higher.

Ultimately, Flags Quiz aims to test your general knowledge of flags and countries. In the quiz part of the game, you have to spell the name of the country that owns the flag in a hangman style. Then, you get to fill in the name letter by letter.

Who Developed Flags Quiz?

Logic Cool developed Flags Quiz.


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