Get On Top
Get On Top
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  • Android IOS
  • 10/21/2022
  • 88 Mb

Get On Top is a two-player fighting game with interesting game features. The game allows you to wrestle with your friends in multiplayer mode. Whoever succeeds in knocking the other head on the floor wins the round.

The game offers a simple and easy control system too. So, you can jump, push and carry out other actions with the basic buttons. Some other game movements include pulling and shifting your weight backward, upward, or forward.

Unlike similar games, Get On Top delivers great gameplay with its simplistic graphics. The highest game points are 11, and whichever player reaches it first will win the game.

Playing Get On Top

To play, you have to master the controls. So, you can use your keyboard to play. Check out some of the game features below:

  • Choose your favourite game character and get ready for the fight.
  • Once the virtual wrestling battleground loads, you will see the two characters.
  • You will manage one of them, while your friend manages the other.
  • You will try to get on top of the other, earning a point every time you get on top of your opponent.
  • You can use the basic keys to move smartly.
  • If you miss your hit, you'll probably lose. Likewise, when you win.

Getting Started With Get On Top

  • Open the game on your favourite game center.
  • Click the Play button to get started.
  • Once the game loads, choose whether you want a Single or Double Player game.
  • The first player will use the "W, A, S, D" keys to move.
  • The second player controls their character with the Arrow keys.

Who Developed Get On Top?

Bennet Foddy developed this HTML5 game. It's the first game from this developer, but it's quite interesting because of the simpler design and zero distractions.


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