Papa's Tacos Mia
Papa's Tacos Mia
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  • Android IOS
  • 10/21/2022
  • 88 Mb

Papa's Taco Mia gives the experience of being a chef. In this game, players are responsible for managing their restaurants and cooking perfect Tacos. Players receive the keys to Papa Tacos Mia after winning an eating contest. Therefore, they must be ready to meet every customer's taste to level up in this game.

Papa's Tacos Mia is available online on Android and iOS devices. It has over 100,000 downloads, and there are in-app purchases.

Playing Papa's Tacos Mia

Papa's Tacos Mia is a cooking game where players keep customers happy with their skills. The ability of the player to please picky customers and pacify food critic Jojo within a stipulated time makes the game very addictive. Here is what you must know.

  • Players take orders, prepare shells and add toppings to the perfect taste of customers.
  • There are different levels and ingredients to unlock.
  • Players can upgrade their restaurants with earned coins. For example, one could add to one's speed and performance by giving the shop a facelift.
  • You can redesign your lobby with furniture and posters from the furniture shop. This allows players to get more points.
  • Players can buy hats to wear from earned coins.

Papa's Tacos Mia is super interesting, with the pressure to keep customers in a good mood and discover new ingredients and recipes.

Getting Started with Papa's Tacos Mia

  • Download the game on your Android or iOS device directly from the app store.
  • Boot the game and log into it.
  • You can start playing the game immediately after downloading it.

Who Developed Papa's Tacos Mia?

Papa's Tacos Mia was developed by Filipine Studios and was later emulated by HTML5 by AwayFL. Filipine Studios also developed Papa's Pizzeria, Papa's Freezeria, and Papa's Burgeria.


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