Retro Bowl
Retro Bowl
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  • Android IOS
  • 10/21/2022
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Retro Bowl is a great representation of American Football and its positionings. You can play and participate in rugby matches from the comfort of your house without physically playing. Also, Retro Bowl serves as the perfect game for an armchair quarterback.     

Retro Bowl comes in a glorious retro and mobile view game mode that keeps its users wanting more. 

Playing Retro Bowl

Playing the Retro Bowl allows players to be both the team’s manager and the team’s offense. Players cannot play the defensive side of the game, but players can choose to pick the defensive side. The main aim of managing the rugby team is to lead them to the Titular Retro Bowl Championship and win. Also, all the teams of Retro Bowl are based on real-life NFL teams.

However, some tips help players during gameplay:

  • There is a $1 payment that gives players the right to fully edit the unlimited version of the game. 
  • Players can edit weather and end zones.
  • The Retro Bowl currency is known as Coaching Credit.
  • Retro Bowl is also available on Nintendo Switch asides just Android and IOS devices.
  • The game can also be accessed on web browsers.

Retro Bowl is free for download and play, just with a few in-game purchases that are not compulsory. For instance, the $1 unlimited version purchase.   

Getting Started with Retro Bowl

  • Download the Retro Bowl games on the chrome app.
  • Try out the practice mode to get a hang of the game.
  • You do not need an internet connection to get started.

Who Developed Retro Bowl?

Retro Bowl was developed and created by Newstar Games Ltd in January 2020. The game gained massive popularity through its fame on Tiktok.


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