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  • 10/9/2022
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Run 3 is known as Run for Android users and RunIII for IOS users. The game was released on Google Playstore on December 11th, 2013. Just as the game's name implies, the game is a running game. Run 3 has gone through consistent updates since its creation in 2013.    

Playing Run 3

Run 3 has similar gameplay to Run 1 and 2, just with little tweaks here and there. However, in Run 3 there are a couple of returning characters. The main concept of this gameplay comes in funnels and their tiles. This feature is in the previous Run games (Run 1 and 2). There are two modes in Run 3 that players get to explore– the explore and the infinity modes. Here are tips that will make this gameplay enjoyable: 

  • The game has returning characters like Runner, Skater, Lizard, etc.
  • The game gives players the option to control their jumps.
  • The infinity mode allows players to try out the practice mode.
  • Run 3 can be played with flash as well

Run 3 can be played on Android and IOS devices, with optional in-app purchases that improve gameplay. 

Getting Started with Run 3

  • Download the game.
  • You can begin playing once downloaded
  • You can use the arrow keys to jump through tunnels
  • You can either play Run 3 with the explore mode or infinite mode.

Who Developed Run 3?

Run 3 is the third in the Run trilogy, designed by Joseph Cloutier. Released in 2013, the Run 3 game brought a lot of excitement to its players as a reboot of previous Run games and an upgraded version.


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