Scary Maze
Scary Maze
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  • Android IOS
  • 10/21/2022
  • 88 Mb

Scary Maze is a maze-themed game. It is minimalistic, with simple graphics and an overall moderate aura. It places you in the middle of a problem where you must find a solution to win. You are lost in a maze and have to get out by yourself.

In Scary Maze, the colours are present in different shades. The maze is pink, and gradients of dark greyish shades represent the surrounding areas.

Playing Scary Maze

At the start of the game, your ears are filled with the sounds of a violin. Then, when you move the mouse, you’ll hear scary footsteps approaching. A white dot represents your character. Guide this dot to the end of the maze without touching the walls, and you win.

There are only a few levels in Scary Maze, but the difficulty increases as you progress. The early stages require less thinking than the later ones. The first two look the same, but you come across certain complexities from the third level.

In level 3, the maze is the first square, then it becomes narrow, and the bends increase towards the end to reveal surprises such as skulls.

Getting Started With Scary Maze

It is best to play Scary Maze with the sound on. The game can be scary, but you still have to take it slow to succeed at playing. Relax and move your mouse with determination. Don’t wander around without purpose. Once you jump into the maze, the exit should be your primary goal.

Who Developed Scary Maze?

Scary Maze was developed by Terminarch Games in 2018. 


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