Snake Game
Snake Game
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  • 10/9/2022
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It is a video game genre that has existed for a long time. This game became very popular when version two was released on the Nokia phone. However, the Snake Game genre did not begin with Nokia. This genre of game was first created in 1976 by Gremlin. 

Snake Game has undergone a series of versions and remodeling over the decades. The game offers its players simplicity, and Nokia's popularity at the time added more benefit and audience to the game. 

Playing Snake Game

With all the existing versions of the Snake Game, all the versions' gameplay is very generic to the very first one. Players are to control a  square or dot that moves, leaves its trail, and eats food provided to add more length to itself. The whole idea of the Snake Game is for players to survive as long as possible while still growing. However, there are some tips that you should keep in mind:

  • There are various versions of the Snake Game that have existed and still exists
  • Snakes get killed by bumping into other players, themselves, or obstacles.
  • Snake Game comes in various versions that players can choose from.

Snake Game is free to download and play. But you can always add additional features that can only be gotten through in-app purchases. Each Snake Game is different, and their in-game purchases vary. 

Getting Started with Snake Game

  • Download Snake Game on your Android device.
  • Snake Game can also be downloaded on a PC.
  • Snake Game is suitable for any age bracket.
  • The game allows you to play immediately after downloading.

Who Developed Snake Game?

Gremlin developed the first Snake Game in 1976. Different developers have released many other version, but their gameplay remains the same.


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